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Ladies and gentlemen, I have exciting news. Richard (Zim) said that he and Rikki (voice of Gir and color artist) are pitching ideas to Nickelodeon for Invader Zim digital shorts. One pitch involves a vending machine. Footage of that Q&A response to come!
for future design i just suggest maybe not having a sidebar that takes up so much space? instead of a long episode list, maybe a link up top instead to a different page? the current design looks nice but is really cluttered feeling to me

You are absolutely right. It feels very cluttered to me too. Thanks for the critique! I’ll definitely try to make it so there isn’t as much going on in the new theme. I’m just not sure where I’d put the links. I’d prefer them to be able to be accessed on the main page. Maybe I can have a drop down or collapsible thing somewhere.

If you are planning of redesigning things maybe think of adding a banner to tumblrs mobile version of your page that way it fits your blogs theme better. (I was at the panel where he showed your blog btw this is really nice)

I will definitely do that. And thank you! I’m glad you like it. :]

InvaderCon had inspired me to get this blog up and running again. Also, I think it’s time I cleaned up and possibly redesigned the theme.

The thing is that I’m not particularly great at design. I’m a coder at heart, so doing things isn’t an issue. So if anyone has any ideas for designs or graphics or just theme suggestions in general, I’ll gladly take them!

That might also entail getting a new banner image, but I’m not sure about that yet. The one HideousBlob made is pretty great already.


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Thanks to CB Johnny for featuring my blog in his panel!

Eric Trueheart said that there was never a specific canon age for Zim to his knowledge.

Mystery solved…..kind of

I just found out from Eric Trueheart that after reviewing the story to the x-mas episode, some Nick execs brought up these criticisms. Because it was the last episode they were producing, they didn’t change anything, but added this scene to represent how they were simply ignoring those questions.

cami-kaze replied to your post: Canon Information About Zim’s Age

I remember reading a fanfic where the author went through all the math trying to define Irken years, days, everything and it’s really amazing. Some of it is made up but most has some kind of focus in canon. It’s called In Short Supply by ckret2

YES. That fanfic was amazing. Which is weird. Zim/Purple is something that I don’t really ship and never thought I would ever tolerate. But it’s written pretty dang well. I loved how the author went into detail in the world building, like the Irken years for example.

gosh thanks- I really need that info for a fic!

I know for a fact that Zim’s exact age is never mentioned in the show, so don’t worry too much about that for fanfic! 

You can get away with whatever you want in that aspect since most theories or headcanon or fanon at this point. :]